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Welcome to Couchsurfing in London

This website was launched on 20 December 2014, just 3 weeks after a substantial ‘upgrade’ to the website, which has removed much of my original profile.

In this website you can see much of my original CS profile, with the bonus of a complete history of past guests.

Current Situation

I am not currently receiving couchsurfing guests.

Who Am I?

My name is Richard Shave. I am a Christian – we are to be all things to all men (1 Cor. 9:22).

More Info. About Me?

On the CS profile you can read references from over 1,200 guests (some of them are classed as Personal References), which represents a remarkable 80% response rate following a stay.

The Home?

This home is a 3-storey late Victorian mid-terraced house in a quiet street off the busy Walworth Road in London SE17 near Burgess Park.

We are up to 8 friends living as a community, as we share meals and worship at the same church. There is a living room which can accommodate up to 4 guests, usually friends or relatives of the housemates.

Video Link

In Februrary 2016 I was interviewed by a journalist student who wished to advertise the concept of couchsurfing. Just watch the first 3 minutes of the video below, and ignore the strange picture you see.

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Just a few brief years in this small world, and then eternity..........are we ready?